Travelling to Ioannina

The nearest International Airports to Ioannina are

The nearest port to Ioannina is the port of Igumenitsa (, which connects every day Brindisi, Ancona and Venice in Italy with Greece.

During September 2011, according to the day two or three regular flights connect Ioannina Airport ( with Athens. The airport is located 5 Km from the city centre; the conference venue can be reached by taxi (current price 5-6 €)

Route from airport to Conference Venue

Thessaloniki International Airport is connected with the central bus station by bus (Nο 78, 1 h trip). The bus (five times per day) takes 3.5 h from Thessaloniki to Ioannina (current price 32 €) and 1 h from Igumenitsa to Ioannina (seven times per day, current price 10 €); the conference venue can be reached by taxi (current price 5 €).

It is cheaper and therefore recommended by more than 3 persons to rent a car and drive directly from Thessaloniki airport to Ioannina.

There are also daily busses from Athens to Ioannina:

Route from Regional Bus Station to Conference Venue